Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kokeshi doll artist - Okamoto Usaburo

Today, I would like to write about the great Sousaku Kokeshi aritst, Okamoto Usaburo.

He is a one of a great Sousaku (creative) Kokeshi doll artists nowadays.

He has his own factory called Usaburo Kokeshi factory in Gunma Prefecture.

You can visit there and see how Kokeshi dolls are created. You can also try to paint plane Kokeshi doll.

Okamoto Usaburo was born in 1917.

When he was young he is not Kokeshi Doll Artist but created Metal industrial arts.

He started making Kokeshi Doll from 1950.
He didn’t persist in old method and he created new technique to making Kokeshi Doll like engraving or burning by Nichrome wire to design.

He has so many prizes as Kokeshi doll artist.

He won the many prizes include award of the Minister of International Trade and Industry (’78,’84,’85) and the award of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (’79,’82).

His Kokeshi dolls are always warm even bravely Samurai Kokeshi doll.

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