Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kokeshi doll ; The model of world famous doll.

Today, I would like to introduce traditional Kokeshi doll artist, Sato Koichi.

He was born in 1936 and studied under HAMAZU HEISABURO from 1957 to 1977.

After that he devoted himself to create Kokeshi Dolls until now.

He is very good at to creating parent or grandparent Kokeshi doll.

This Kokeshi Doll is called ‘Komochi Kokeshi’. ‘Komochi’ means parent in Japanese.
This Kokeshi Doll is called ‘Magomochi Kokeshi’. ‘Magomochi’ means grandparent in Japanese.
Do you remind certain world famous doll when you see these dolls?
Some of you might know but these Kokeshi doll are model of Russian traditional doll called "Matryoshka doll".
We are very very pround of this fact but Matryoshka doll is much more famous than Kokeshi in the world doll nowadays.
We have to do something to let Kokeshi doll be famous like Matryoshka doll or Teddy Bear!!


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