Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Kokeshi Master Craftman, the late Mr.Watanabe Masao

In this blog, I' writing about Kokeshi dolls and I will write about artists of Kokeshi dolls.

Each Kokeshi dolls was created by the artist one by one by their hands.

So each Kokeshi doll is only one in the entire world.

Today I'd like to introduce Waranabe Masao, the master craftman of Kokeshi dolls.
This is his most inportant work. The design is called 'Mushin (無心)', meaning 'Innocent' in Japanese.

The artist made this Kokeshi Doll with hoping that everyone who sees this Kokeshi Doll becomes to be innocent again.

This model is exhibited in the exhibition that was hold by the small and medium enterprises agency in United States before.

He bleached the color of wood by using special chemical.

Mr. Watanabe Masao was born in 1917 in Fukushima Prefecture.

Originally, he was a traditional Kokeshi artist but he started Sousaku Kokeshi dolls from 1950.

After stating create Sousaku Kokeshi dolls, he showed a great aptitude for creating Kokeshi dolls.

As I wrote avobe, he is really famous in foreign countries and one of his work preserved at the Toys museum in Nürnberg, Germany nowadays.

Of course, his works are highly regarded in Japan.

He won many awards include the award from the Prime Minister twice ('63, '71).

Sadly, He passed away in 2007 when he was 89 years old.
This is a huge loss of the world of Sousaku Kokeshi world.

I will show you some of his other works.

Oboko (おぼこ)           Kantsubaki (寒椿)

There are many his work in our Rocobee Kokeshi Store.

If you won't have a plan to buy them, please just see his great works!!

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