Friday, October 17, 2008

Kokeshi_column Vol.4

Kokeshi Dolls are mainly divided 2 major categories, Dento (traditional) and Sousaku (Creative).

What are the differences?“Dento Kokeshi Dolls” were made, conforming to traditional method.“Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls” were made from free imagination or idea of the artists.

Today, I would like to talk about Sousaku (Creative) Kokeshi Dolls.

When I introduce Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls, most of Japanese people (maybe non Japanese) would say,

“Is this also Kokeshi Dolls?”

Surely, it is far from the images of Kokeshi Dolls.One of main features of Kokeshi dolls is lack of arms and feet.But some of Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls has arms or feet.We may be able to say that Sousaku Kokeshi Doll is wooden dolls rather than Kokeshi Dolls.

Dento Kokeshi Dolls are originally made as toys for children.Dento Kokeshi Dolls retains the traces of that time.

On the other side, Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls.Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls were not made as a toys for children.They were made for interior ornaments.Nowdays, Dento Kokeshi Dolls are also interior ornament.

There are no strict rules or anything to create Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls.
“I love Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls but I don’t like Dento Kokeshi Dolls so much…!

There are so many people would say like this.Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls are more popular in abroad.On the other hand, there are some Kokeshi collectors who are saying…

“SOUSAKU Kokeshi Dolls are not Kokeshi Dolls!!”

There are always some people who resist new things or stuff. Now we can understand about Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls. But at the time when Sousaku Kokeshi was born, its must be severely criticized.

The designs of Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls are accepted even nowadays. They might be light-years ahead of their time.

Sousaku Kokeshi Doll Artists lives all over Japan not only in Tohoku like Dento Kokeshi Doll artists.(It is said that Sousaku Kokeshi Dolls were born in Gunma prefecture)

The styles of Dolls are different from each artists.

There are some artists who are not Kokeshi Doll artist originally. There was the artist who was the painter of Japanese style paintings changes canvas to Kokeshi Doll.

It is not exact same but there are some Kokeshi Dolls called commercial Kokeshi Dolls. They are made for just souvenir of sight seeing spots.Mostly they were mass-produced on an assembly line. Everything could be bought if the things had the word “Kokeshi” about 30 years ago.

By the way, there are no tests or exams to be Sousaku Kokeshi Doll artist.You don’t need any qualification or license to be the artist like writers or painters.All you need is equipments.Then you can call yourself Sousaku Kokeshi Doll artist.

How about it?
Why don’t you try to be Sousaku Kokeshi Doll artist?

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